Springfield housing development back on track

This housing development that I wrote about earlier in the year is finally in the process of being completed. Despite being repossessed, developer Hayden Homes is on track to build 100 home sites, with the first one, the model home, being completed around July 17th. The first phase of the development, consisting of about 10 homes, will be completed in around August or September. Reservations are being taken for the 10 initial homes, with an opening price of around 140K. There are seven home plans, ranging in size from 1,041 square feet for a 2 bed, 1 bath to 2,192 square feet for a four bed, 2.5 bath home.

Housing shortage could be on the horizon

A housing shortage could be looming in the not too distant future. While it may seem impossible now, over the last 3 years too few new homes have been built, creating a deficit of over 1.5 million homes, that could climb to a shortage of over 2 million next year. Some 1.6 million homes must be added each year to keep pace with demand from population increase and old house demolition. This should prop up house prices over time.

These trends are heavily reflected in Eugene and Springfield, where new building has slowed to a near stop. In 2009 and 2010, there were probably fewer than 100 new houses built. This means that house prices in Eugene and Springfield should increase, along with the national market.

New construction has slowed severely in the last 3 years.