Renewable Energy

Eugene thinks of itself as a Green city, but it sounds like Reno may be beating us on this front.  They recently installed nine different wind turbines so that the City and the public could evaluate their performance.  Reno also has solar power helping to generate electricity.  One thing that’s cool about their system is that you can go on-line and look at its power generation real-time.  Looks like Eugene has some catching up to do.

Looking at real-time power generation in Reno

Oregon: Green Power Leader

Oregon is set to become a leader in renewable wind energy. The Shepard’s Flat wind turbine farm has been approved, and Caithness Energy is planning on spending 2 billion dollars for the project in Northeastern Oregon. The closest town is Arlington, along the Columbia River, which I had to look up. The power will be fed into the BPA grid, and exported to our neighbors to the south, in California. Eugene’s local utility, EWEB, has its own renewable energy program, called Greenpower, which receives power from wind turbine farms, among other sources.