The Importance of Buying Local

Buying local is not a new concept for Eugene and Springfield residents.  But—it’s not always so easy.  On a recent ABC news story, they experimented by eliminating all non-U.S. produced items from a typical house.  Hardly anything was left.

However, they were able to replace the items with domestically produced products.  What’s the lesson?  It is said that if each of us spent a mere $3.33 per year on American-made products 10,000 jobs would be created.

Of course, when you need services such as a realtor, choosing local is an easier option.

How many local jobs are supplied by Coca-Cola?

Local Economic Forecast Positive

After last month’s 17th annual Economic Forecast presented by Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, the University of Oregon and The Register-Guard things are looking up for the local economy.  Unemployment is decreasing; and because of that, the chances of a double-dip recession are quickly declining.  Additionally, these improving fundamentals will help the Eugene real estate market.

Eugene, OR