Eugene Produces Local Electricity

Locally produced electricity for 13,000 homes will soon start to flow through Eugene’s power lines.  Seneca Jones has completed construction of its $45 million cogeneration plant.  Some two years in the making, before long, the plant will be feeding our power grid.  The cogeneration plant will use woody biomass—a renewable resource—produced from the mill and forests.

The concept isn’t entirely new however.  The old Weyerhauser mill in Springfield has a power generation plant producing over 2 ½ times Seneca’s 18.8 megawatts.  And, old timers will remember that EWEB used to burn hog-fuel (a very coarse saw dust) at its facility on the banks of the Willamette River.

Eugene is known for being green and environmentally friendly.  We also benefit from inexpensive electricity—keeping our cost of living down.  It’s an interesting world in which brush from the woods can be powering our cars.

Cogeneration feeding local power.

Remodeling and Home Improvement

Remodeling and renovating is another area of the market in Eugene and Springfield that fell on hard times during the Great Recession.  We have bottomed-out though—and business is improving.

While home improvements don’t return dollar for dollar on resale, they still make sense if you plan to stay in the house for a period of time.

Rebuilding the housing market brick by brick.

Recycle Those Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs are becoming more and more popular in homes—so much so that incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in the U.S.  Why?  Because flourescent light bulbs are proven to help residents save money on their utility bills.  But, the downside of the fluorescent bulb is that they contain mercury.  Therefore it is very important that these bulbs be recycled.  In Eugene and Springfield, Jerry’s, among other places will accept fluorescent bulbs for recycling.

Tip: If you are selling your home, making sure you have operable light bulbs (non burnt-out) in the highest wattage rated for the fixture is one way of helping your home seem bright.

Remodel your house in Eugene

Good people are hard to find, but Gilbert Fierro is one. He’s a general contractor and works in the greater-Eugene Oregon area. Some of his areas of expertise are bathroom and kitchen remodels, outbuildings, and decks. However, he’ll do just about anything other than plumbing and electrical, which he subs out to the trades.

He’s licensed and bonded. Gilbert’s CCB # is 159972. He has 10 years of full time building experience in Eugene. Before that, he was a machinist. (You should see his finish carpentry–he brings that machinist’s mind set to his work.)

Gilbert and I have rehabbed 30 or 40 rental houses together and I’ve never had a problem. He can be reached at his cell number: 517-3634.

Gilbert’s motto is: do it right the first time. When he’s not out working hard building, he tends his cow herd and spends time with his family.

Remodeler extraordinaire

Gilber Fierro: Remodeler extraordinaire