How Long the Recession Will Last

So, how long is it? Hard to tell in the dark.

Economics is a rather dark art and will only tell us when the recession is over after it’s over. But only a long time after. My prediction: end of 2009. The reason: the government stimulus should take about 9 months to show up in the economy. And, with some 1 trillion dollars plus being pumped into the economy, that will do something. That’s the equivalent of the government lending each citizen in the U.S. over $3,000.

It is thought that the U.S. consumers account for some 10% of the world’s economic growth, and nearly 3/4 of the U.S. G.D.P. Currently, consumers have zipped their wallets and purses. As soon as the news stops scaring the hell out of us and confidence returns, spending will tick up, and things should improve.

How does this affect housing prices? It should remain a good time to buy through the end of 2009.

Low Consumer Spending Will Change

Low Consumer Spending Will Change