Foreclosures in Crescent Village

Crescent Village is a nice project in Eugene, to the north of Costco. Tens of millions have been spent on it, and it’s a visionary new urban development; a mini-village with about everything you’d want.

Some of the townhouses on Lord Byron are an especially good deal these days. Originally listed in the 500’s, 4 of them are now bank-owned, as a result of the housing crisis, and are now in the 300’s. That’s a savings of about 150K!

I’ve shown them before, and they’re not for everyone. The fit, finish and materials are superb, but it’s up-and-down living, which puts some people off. But, if you want something hip and cool, where the action is, I’d give them a look. Give me a call at 517-6543 if you’d like to see them.

Foreclosures in Crescent Village are a good deal for buyers.

Good Buys in Crescent Village

I’ve always thought Crescent Village town houses were both innovative and perfect for those wanting the “new urban” concept–a mini village cut from greenfield.. It’s quite close to our new hospital, and I’ve envisioned busy hospital people, not wanting yard-care, and wanting a central location as the buyers of the town houses on Lord Byron Place.

The market has been slow to respond to the townhomes, with only about 1/3 of them being sold to residents. (In fairness to the development, housing around 500K in price has been particularly hard hit during the recent credit and housing crisis.) About 1/3 of the houses are still owned by the three builders active in the project. And about 1/3 of the houses are owned by the developer or banks.

I’m sensing buying opportunities here. We have historically cheap interest, and the builders, developers, and banks will be eager to cut a deal. If you’re looking for chic new urban, this project is worth a look.

If you’d like to see them, give me a call at 517-6543 and I’ll be glad to show them to you.

Eugene's new Urban.

Crescent Village: Eugene’s new Urban.