About Craig Tomlinson, Eugene Oregon Real Estate Broker

About Craig Tomlinson and Craig Tomlinson Real Estate

craig2Craig Tomlinson Real Estate is a local, non-franchise, full-service real estate firm.

We also help home-owners and investors buy and sell property.

Craig Tomlinson

I went to high school and undergrad in Eugene.  I received a doctoral degree from graduate school in The East in 1988.

My Family has been building or selling real estate since 1831, and been active in Eugene/Springfield real estate since 1961.  I grew up in the development and real estate business in Eugene Springfield.  I’ve been active in Eugene since 1995.

5 thoughts on “About Craig Tomlinson, Eugene Oregon Real Estate Broker

  1. Hi Craig,
    I’m quite impressed with your website. It’s informative and great reading of Lane county & the surrounding area. I’ve saved it as a fav and let you know if I want to view a property.
    Take care, D. Vance

  2. Hi Craig!

    I too am quite impressed with your website…who designed it for you?

    I am looking for a telephone number for you…will call the Agency!

    Linda B

  3. hi Craig. i am wanting to move to Oregon. my husband will be retiring form the army soon. we were looking at maybe purchasing some land on the out skirts of Eugene. maybe oakridge. one of the reasons we chose Oregon is to get away from the pipeline issues of the east along with the fracking that is going on. can you please send me a list of areas that have these take farms and where the pipelines go through. i have a child with asthma which is sever and has real bad reactions to industry chemicals. we really need someone who has knowledge of the areas in dealing with these industries. we really want to buy land or home to have a small family organic farm. if you can help with any information we would be very grateful.

  4. Hi Craig
    We want to thank you for all the work you put in on the 2 properties we recently purchased through you. The second purchase involved a 1031 Exchange, which we had not done before. We appreciated your help in making certain that everything was completed in a timely manner. given the time constraints of a 1031 Exchange the timing was extremely important. We have worked with Bell Realty as a property manager for many years. These purchases were the first time we had worked with you, but we are certain that it will not be the last. We will look forward to continuing our relationship with Bell Realty for property management and with you as a broker.

    I also just saw your website for the first time today. Great job. As we live in the Mohawk Valley it was good to see all the information you have included.

    Fred and Jean

  5. Love all the pictures and information Craig. My dad’s uncle was Horace Meyers who had a bean farm and was president of the Blue Lake Cannery for a time. My mom, Ruth Marie Kennedy was born in Mohawk and attended the 1 room schoolhouse. I remember well the Hayden bridge and Mohawk General Store. Do you know any way I can find where the old Kennedy farm was in Mohawk? The river bordered Grampas land in the back. Floyd and Ruth Kennedy were my grandparents.

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