Foreclosures in Eugene Springfield and Oregon

Where are the best places to buy foreclosures?  Not Eugene or Portland.  A recent article in CNN Money ranked the best places, which had a large supply of foreclosures, often between 3 and 8 years’ worth.  The Oregonian said Portland was not a good area to buy foreclosures, with a low supply of homes, said by them to be 9 months.  The overall rate of foreclosures is declining in Oregon.  When I looked at RMLS for the last month in greater Eugene Springfield, I saw:  24 active foreclosures, 27 pendings and 14 sold foreclosures.  If we’re consuming 14 foreclosures a month, then we have under a 2 month supply, which is not much, and a very strong sellers’ market.  If you have questions about foreclosures in Eugene Springfield, I have answers; please contact me.

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