Commercial lot for sale: Marcola Oregon

92166 Lot for sale in Marcola Oregon

92166 Marcola Road:  Lot for sale in Marcola Oregon

This lot in the town of Marcola, Oregon is a listing of mine.  Marcola is in the Mohawk Valley about 10 miles from Springfield.  Not surprisingly, you take Marcola Road to get there.  The lot has an interesting and unusual zoning:  RC.  RC zoning is Rural Commercial, which allows for commercial development (stores, business and the like) in areas outside of an Urban Growth Boundary, which describes Marcola.

In days gone by, Marcola, Wendling, and Mabel were bustling communities with hundreds, if not thousands, of residents.  There were several operating lumber mills and other ancillary businesses.  Mabel and Wendling are gone, and remain but as spots on a map.  Marcola is still here but mostly as a bedroom community of Eugene, Springfield or Sweethome.  With our higher gasoline prices, people drive less and perhaps it’s time for a renaissance of commercial activity in bedroom communities.

The town of Marcola is close to the very popular Shotgun Creek BLM area and the shooting range on McGowan Creek Road.  The address for the commercial lot for sale is: 92166 Marcola Road, and the MLS number is:  13651566.  If you’d like more information, please contact me.

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