Eugene Springfield Commute Times Low

Often, people choose to live in Eugene or Springfield because of their excellent quality of life, including low crime rates, close proximity to recreation, and short commute times.  I sometimes forget how much of a convenience a short commute can be.  I live in the country and am at my office on River Road in about 12 minutes, and less if I’m running late.

A recent article pointed out that over 3 million Americans have commutes over 90 minutes each way to work.  That 3 hours a day adds up to over 20 weeks a year spent in your car per year.  Yuck.  Commute times in Eugene are short.  Nearly ½ of us spend less than 14 minutes each way getting to work, and about 3/4 of us spend no more than 19 minutes.

Eugene has very short commute times

As a brilliant marketing campaign says, “we’ve got it good.”

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