Eugene Entry Level Houses Strong

As my colleague Jared Helton pointed out in response to my last post, he expects the market for Eugene Springfield houses priced at 225K or less to remain strong through the end of the year. I think he’s right on the money; this is the market segment that has shown the most life this year. Granted, our predictions are only 5 months out, but that’s a lot these days.

Here’s an example of the type of house you can get for the money. It was a short sale (or pre-foreclosure), 2,300 square feet, nearly new, and I had it listed at 229K, or under $100/s.f. That’s a good deal in any market, and it sold quickly.

If you’d like to know about the good deals in Eugene Springfield give me a call at 517-6543.

Short Sale priced at under $100/s.f.

Short Sale priced at under $100/s.f.

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