Fannie Mae Loosens Standards for Multiple Property Owners

Investors will once again be able to get Fannie and Freddie loans for up to 10 properties. Recently, the limit had been ratcheted down to loans on only 4 properties, which was an impediment to rental owners.

The new program, effective March 1, 2009, is available for borrowers that own between 5 and 10 financed properties. This time around, the GSE’s (Fannie and Freddie) actually want some signs that the borrowers will repay. These minimums include:
∙ 25% down payment.
∙ Credit score of 720.
∙ No bankruptcy within 7 years.
∙ No mortgage delinquencies within the last year.
∙ Documentation of enough money to make 6 months payments on all the mortgages (Principal, Interest, Taxes, & Insurance) they have. These funds must be resting in their checking, savings, and/or retirement accounts.

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